A Short Back Story
We’ve been living aboard since May 2013 when we bought Martha, a Westerly Centaur. We had a fantastic time aboard and sailed from Hartlepool, where we bought her, up to Lindisfarne before heading south to Grimsby where we made several improvements as she was now our home. We removed the mast and threaded in ducting to stop an infernal tapping of the wires, painted the decks, sealed the windows, fitted a diesel heater, rebuilt the injector pump and top end of the engine, added insulation behind the headlining and finally moved and re-wired the switchboard. We had many good sails on the Humber over winter and spring before setting off again in June 2014, heading south for a lap of the UK.

Unfortunately, on June 21st 2014 we lost a keel when drying out, thankfully we had decided to stay another day as we wanted to stock up before setting off again and were thus able to rescue a fair amount of our belongings before the tide came back in. We tried to rescue Martha on the first tide but had to abandon ship in the end, there was too much weight in the remaining keel for her to float. If we had set off when we had planned then we could well have lost everything somewhere off the Norfolk Coast.

The insurers were fantastic and paid out for a complete loss very quickly, we started looking around again and bought out new home in August 2014. Our new home being a Sadler 32, Jeanne II, built in 1984. She’s 31’6″ long, 10’6″ wide and draws 5’6”.

A Little About Us
Although several people have assumed that we are lottery winners or millionaires of some sort, this is not the case. I am an applications developer earning a small but reasonable living and can often be found working on other peoples boats as I much prefer stripping an engine, repairing damaged GRP or re-wiring to staring at code. Suzanne became a lady of leisure when we moved aboard Martha and since the 27th March 2015 has become a full time mum, she can usually be found looking after our son, Jacob. Trying to keep him occupied while i’m programming and providing sustenance for me when I’m in the flow with code and lose all track of time.