Last night was good, there was a warning out for force 6 building to 8, possibly 9 with heavy rain. We recorded a steady 18kts gusting to 26kts this morning after things had died down a bit, should really have had a look last night when we were being heeled well over tied to the pontoon.

We finally have Martha in a state we are happy with so will get the sails run up as soon as there's a break in the wind. I was intending to do this earlier in the week but kept getting side tracked, still getting used to the idea that everything doesn't have to be done now and we have Martha permanently, not just for a short charter.

May 23rd
Left the wind instruments on last night as it was blowing away nicely, we had a steady 20kts gusting to 38kts. I'm pleased to say that in this wind, Martha doesn't have the most movement of all the boats in the marina by a long way.