Brancaster Staithes

We arrived in Brancaster Staithes on Wednesday after a short sail in through the buoyed channel, we have anchored ourselves in a nice spot at the far end of the moorings and dry out for around 3 hours either side of low water. The village is only a 25 minute walk over the sands once we have dried out and it even has a small chandlers.

Brancaster Staithes seems a nice place so far, there is quite a small boat sailing community here and each evenings high tide we have had over a dozen small sailing boats head out past us, all coming back in later as the tide turns.

Had a walk yesterday with Suzanne to Dalegate Market, a small collection of shops, petrol station, campsite etc and bought ourselves new hats, my others having been accidentally taken off before we left Grimsby. Going for a walk in the other direction today & will have a few trips to the sailing club hosepipe to top up the water tank, hopefully we haven't used too much water as I only have a 10 litre container to transport it in, I don't fancy taking the 25 litre containers on a 25 minute walk, possibly in the future but I'm not fit enough yet.