Lindisfarne to Amble

Amble Marina

We've had a few nights at Holy Island (Lindisfarne) now and have decided we'd better head somewhere to work for a bit, I'd thought I had until November to travel and get the next set of updates ready but it turns out I'll need to submit them by the beginning of September. As such we're now in Amble for a week so I can plug in to shore power and work, I doubt I'll get a lot done as I have 8 apps which need updating but it'll be a start at least while we decide finally where we want to stop and work for the next six months to a year.

The trip to Amble was quite interesting despite having no wind and having to motor the whole way, we set off at 5:30am in order to catch the tide with enough water to get comfortably through the channel with the swell coming in. This was quite fun as the swell increased to about 3ft and became short, steep and breaking as we were nearly out, Martha simply crashed her way through it sending water flying high out to the sides without getting a single drop on the deck, I wish I'd set the video running to catch this, must remember next time.

The fog came down just after we left the channel and from there to about an hour from Amble we could see no further than about three boat lengths, we caught a quick glimpse of Inner Farne as we passed by, saw two fishing boats very close a little way off Seahouses and at one point could see the top quarter of another yachts mast above the fog.

Warkworth Castle near Amble