Seaham to Runswick Bay

23kts Anchored in Runswick Bay

We've been waiting in Seaham for a better wind direction to get to Runswick Bay and finally got the slight change we've been waiting for, it's been blowing straight from where we want to go until today but has swung around enough for us to almost make our course close hauled at last. Somewhat frustratingly we couldn't leave until a little after 10am when the tidal gate opened, we were soon out once it did open though and had the canvas up with a reef in shortly after leaving the outer harbour.

We managed to keep to our course for several hours before the wind veered, we then had a bit of fun tacking our way towards Runswick Bay avoiding several large commercial ships and the two charter fishing boats from Hartlepool, Famous and Ali-Cat.

We had a good 16kts gusting 20kts for the majority of the trip and only lost the wind when we were about 10 minutes from entering the bay, I'm writing this anchored at low tide in 3 meters the wind has picked up again blowing out of the bay at 13kts gusting 20kts and am quite pleased with the motion from Martha, we're swinging around a little but nowhere near as much as the charter boats I've been on.