North Wales and Anglesey

We woke up this morning and decided a trip to Wales was in order, we'd been looking at several boats around Anglesey and North Wales last night which seemed like they could be a good buy and since Suzanne had the day off work, away we went.

We ended up looking on only two boats in Abersoch, another Fantasia and a racing trailer sailer because the broker obviously hadn't listened to what we said and was trying to push a boat that had been sat around for a while onto us. The Fantasia was cheap compared to the last one we looked at and for good reason, there were several spots on the deck that had become spongy and delaminated, the head linings were coming away from the ceiling everywhere, the keel had taken a fair whack at some time and needed reseating, there were quite a few other problems but i'll not bore you by going through them all.

We called at Beaumaris on Anglesey on the way back for fish & chips and so I could introduce Suzanne to the idea of beaching. The tide was out so she now understands why I am so strongly in favour of getting a bigger keeler, good fish & chips too.