Spurn to Grimsby

We spent an interesting night anchored at Spurn Point, the motion ranged from almost still to rolling so much we had to hold on if we moved anywhere, the current and wind were causing this by fighting each other for control of Martha, we were moved from head to the current, held side ways on between current and wind then moved to be head into the wind at various points through the night and during the day before we left.

We decided last night that we'd stay in Grimsby until we've looked after Alfie(my parents Airdale Terrier) and Borris(who I'm sure is Monty Pythons killer rabbit), we'll be ashore for about 10 days in a weeks time while we're house sitting and the extra time will allow me to look at and hopefully fix a few more issues that have come up since buying Martha. I'll most likely bore you with details and photos once it's all finished.

Leaving the anchorage was interesting, we had swung around again with the wind and tide and now had the anchor warp going from the bow roller, down the starboard keel then between the rudder and propeller before going away to our port side. It took about half an hour to sort out the mess so I could use the prop to push the boat around and pull up the anchor which was deeply buried in the Humber mud, we must have brought a couple of buckets worth of mud up with the anchor so at least I know it was working well.

The run across the Humber was less than an hour and involved lots of dodging the commercial shipping before making our way into Grimsby, I've now started on the necessary repairs and hopefully will have everything working again soon.