Newbiggin Bay

Had a good sail today, wing and wing for about 7 hours, the rest was mostly playing about tacking into the wind to get back to Newbiggin Bay after having to heave to and head back out while fixing the engine. That was a pleasing experience knowing that I can happily work upside down in an uncomfortable rolling swell without feeling seasick, one I'd rather not have to go through again any time soon mind you.

It has also turned out that we have a few problems with leaks after our short trip, the seacocks for the toilet, (which is broken) are leaking around the base of the fittings, there is a lot of water in the main bilge from somewhere and the engine bilge has had to be pumped out twice today so far.

Providing there isn't too much water in the bilges in the morning we'll continue North, if they have filled up again we'll have a think of a new plan.