Oops, We’ve Gone And Bent It

Hmm! That's our main anchor bent then.

Yesterday was both pleasant and quite frustrating, it started off during our walk ashore by finding the anchor had partly rotated out of the sand and on digging it out to check it, discovering the shank has been bent, most likely during our snatching and keel wrapping a few days ago in the wind, at least this explains why we have dragged a little each change of tide since, it still holds but my faith in it's holding in heavy weather isn't so great now.

We also saw Janet from Happy again yesterday, she invited us to join her for a drink at the Jolly Sailor between tides in the evening and a very pleasant couple of hours was spent chatting over our various plans and experiences before having to head back before the tide returned. Suzanne even managed to con me into spending money on a pizza.