Embleton Bay to Lindisfarne

Lindisfarne Castle

We were quite privileged today, we've seen dozens of puffins and other birds, saw three seals on a rock and were later visited by two more while at anchor. As we were sailing away from Embleton Bay this morning we even had a short visit from three porpoise/dolphins.

It was another steady downwind sail again today, Gull Winged and making a steady 4 to 5 knots with several other yachts passing us with bare poles under engine alone which seemed rather odd. Our original plan was to stay at the Farne Islands tonight in The Kettle but when we arrived it was full of trip boats and I could see several more making their way around the islands to come into The Kettle as well. As it was low tide and feeling a bit of a squeeze we made a quick exit and had a potter up the inner side of the islands on our way to look at Lindisfarne and the drying harbour as an alternative place to stay.

The tide was still a little too low for comfort although I knew we'd have plenty of water under us in the channel so we dropped the hook a little way offshore in 3 meters, put our feet up and had coffee and biscuits while we waited for a bit more water. After a couple of hours we up anchored and set off through the channel and into The Ouse, picking our way through the fishing boats we found ourselves an empty, quiet spot to stop and have anchored again in a well sheltered spot close to the shore, we'll be drying out in the early hours this morning for the first time and I'm quite looking forward to it.