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Our Next Anchor

We left Amble this morning just after high tide at 9am and headed for the outside route around Coquet Island with nice steady 10kts from the south, managing to pick our way between a couple of small showers on the way out.

About a mile or so past Coquet Island, Amble and the island were no longer visible, they'd both disappeared into a heavy shower which completely blotted out the land in their direction and gave us a nice display of lightning. These heavy showers with their lightning were all around us for most of the day and we had several good downpours which cleaned the boat nicely, they gave us a steady 13 to 16 kts with gusts of 23kts though the direction was very variable with a few patches without any wind at all.

Our original plan for today was to head into Runswick Bay for a night or two, the showers cleared however and the wind set in from the exact direction we wanted to go in, it was about 9:30pm by now so we decided that rather than have a night of tacking to windward we would head for Seaham to stock up as our food was getting low, it was another three hours to Seaham and we ended up having a good sail in the dark and tying up to a pontoon in the marina at 12:20am.