Around The Farne Islands

My parents came up to visit us this weekend and I think they've had quite an interesting time, the tide was out when they arrived so rather than rowing back to Martha it was easier for me to wade in the foot of water we had left and drag the dingy with everyone in it back out to the boat, of course this wasn't going to last long and my mum soon jumped out to have a wade as well. We kept seeing what i believe were shrimp shooting away from us leaving clouds of silt in the clear water and hermit crabs were all over.

We left our anchorage on Saturday as soon as Martha floated again and set off for The Farne Islands, we only managed to sail for an hour of so before the wind died to nothing and left us to motor the rest of the day but we were visited by a group of dolphins/porpoise for a while which was great to see.

After a short stop for lunch in The Kettle we headed out for a full lap of The Farnes, there are some fantastic looking kayaking spots and lots of seals away from the trip boats, well worth a visit.

Coming back to Lindisfarne after our circuit it was about two hours before low tide and not enough water for us to get back to the spot we were anchored in before, we decided to have a run at it anyway and managed to get within a couple of boat lengths before purposefully running the keels into the muddy sand bottom before walking the anchor to where we wanted it. I don't know if the people ashore watching thought we were experienced or just idiots who had run aground but I must say I'm now a big fan of drying out this way and will definitely do it again so long as I know the bottom.