Filey to Spurn Point

We left Filey at 5am this morning in order to make it around Flamborough Head and later Spurn Point with the current going with us, unfortunately we completely lost the wind for about three hours and were forced to motor for a while in order to reach Spurn before the turn of the tide. It was a fairly uneventful trip for the most part, a large swell was running around Flamborough Head which was well above our heads when we were in the troughs and we had a bit of fun playing in the eddies near Checker Shoal off Spurn Point before we headed into the anchorage.

The anchorage is just out of the main current but we still saw 2.2kts on the log while we were at anchor, another boat near us dragged their anchor right out into the marked channel before they had noticed but fortunately there was no traffic at the time, they did get a visit from the RNLI rib shortly after though.

This has been our longest trip to date, 50.4nm at an average speed of 4 kts and a maximum speed over the ground with the current pushing us along at 8.8kts.