Fixing, Fixing, Fixing

We have quite a list of things to sort out now, been slowly going though Martha arranging everything since Monday and noting anything we came across that needs looking at. Today mainly consisted of:

Water Tank
Filled up with the cleaning chemicals and found that the inspection hatch was leaking badly, sealed it yesterday as a temporary measure but it needs replacing at some point in the future.

Leaking Stern Gland
Opened up the cockpit hatch and found lots of water around the stern gland, pumped this out with a vacuum pump and found the stern gland dripping about once every 40seconds, forced a bit more grease in and tightened the jubilee clips which has stopped it.

Capped Screws In Lockers
All the hinged seat backs had about 6mm thread sticking into the lockers behind them, swapped for shorter screws where possible & used blocks of wood for backings elsewhere.

Scrubbed The Decks
Finally got around to scrubbing the decks, looking a lot better now they don't have a few months worth of dirt and bird droppings on them.