Catching Up

It's been a while again since I last posted and we've been quite busy. While we were out of the water Suzanne has sanded and stained the washboards, their frame, the cockpit locker wood, the grab handles on deck and varnished the tiller. While she was busy varnishing and staining I've been fitting the new reefing system so Martha can now be reefed without hanging from the end of the boom, I've moved the tiller pilot mounts to where they should be now that the rudder bushes are free, fitted a wind self steering system so I can use the pressure on the main to keep our course, painted the quarter berths, wet locker, heads and clothes lockers, removed and re-greased the seacocks and re-packed the stern gland. My dad has done a proper repair to a bad patch of GRP from Martha hitting something solid at some point in her life which put a hole in the front & my mum has sanded and made good a few rough patches in the cockpit.

We've had a few great sails since going back into the water and all the work we have done has been time well spent, no more arm ache from an overly stiff tiller and Martha is looking very good. We're planning on heading off again very soon so I'll have something more interesting to post about in the near future I hope.

The first test of our new light tiller