Ramsgate, Tollesbury & Ipswich

We left the Travelodge a little later this morning to get to Ramsgate just after the morning rush, it's a very sheltered marina but didn't give us a good feeling with all the graffiti and rubbish we passed while walking between the brokers. Once again we didn't find anything of interest so quickly moved on towards Tollesbury which turned out to be a very nice spot, a good network of drying creeks with an easily accessible marina.


We didn't get to Tollesbury until about 3:30pm today so only had about an hour to look around the boats before the chandlers closed, we did actually get aboard two at last though, a Jaguar 27 and a Sabre 27.

The Jaguar was very cheap but this turned out to be for good reason, once aboard it was immediately obvious that it had been neglected for some years, the smell of damp was almost overpowering, several major structural parts of the deck were cracked, the forward hatch was broken and badly patched with fibreglass and the decks core had begun rotting and swelling in several places. The owner turned up and came aboard while we were looking around, he turned out to be quite a character and fit as the proverbial butchers dog at 82 years young.

The Sabre felt entirely different and was very good indeed in comparison to the Jaguar, a much sturdier feeling boat with a good layout, the only downside being the engine was placed in such a way that you couldn't get in around one side of the table and it stopped me from being able to easily get to the stove, not hugely important but something that could become very tiresome after a while as a working liveaboard.

We'll have a think about the Sabre but for now are heading to Ipswich ready to see a Jeanneau Fantasia at Levington tomorrow.