After several emails and calls we've decided that the owners of Truance, the Westerly Centaur at Titchmarsh didn't actually want to sell. They never provided any documentation or said what was included with the boat and wanted an unreasonable amount of money for its condition, only wanting to drop the asking price by £400 at most which still left Truance around £2000 overpriced for her condition. They had given Truance a lick of paint all over but there were problems with the rigging, the keel reinforcing hadn't been done correctly and was lifting, the rudder needed new bushes along with many other problems that I'll leave out to keep this post to a sensible length.

Fortunately, courtesy of my mum searching the Internet for boats as well as us, we came across another Westerly Centaur called Martha in Hartlepool which we had a drive to and look at today, the owners were a very nice couple who were genuinely interested in sailing and, having already bought a larger Westerly were definitely looking to sell Martha. After a good look over everything and a quick trip for dinner we went back and made our offer which was accepted immediately, many happy faces and handshakes, a small deposit and we are on our way to buying our new home. Now we just have to wait until a week on Monday to go back and pay what's remaining for Martha, put on a couple of coats of antifoul and relaunch.