Out Sailing At Last

My parents have come up this weekend to visit and joined us for our first trip out sailing, it's been a while coming but we wanted to get the Martha feeling comfortable before we went anywhere.
It was good to share the first sailing trip and experience of a lock out, I think we were all quite pleased, our sailing didn't last long mind you as after about an hour the wind dropped to 1kt and we had to come back in using the motor to avoid the pot markers. We had a short wait before being able to lock back in so had time to play with the anchor as well.
Locking back in was interesting, there were already the two wind farm work boats in the lock along with a smaller fishing boat, it made the lock seem very small but we got to raft to one of the work boats 'Support 3' which was a good experience.
All in all, a very good, if short trip.