Waiting For The Weather

We're still at Brancaster Staithes and it looks like it will be a few days yet before we set off again, there's been a steady 20+ knots of wind from the North since Friday and the forecast says it'll be here for another few days yet.

I don't mind the wait but we have the wind and current in opposite directions every time the tide goes out and Martha has a tendency to sail forward and wrap her anchor warp around the keels in these conditions, we have done it on the last three tides and I haven't had much success in avoiding the problem, I've lashed the tiller to try and stop it, I've had two buckets over the stern as drogues, I've even had two anchors off the bow. A short scope worked initially but I'm reluctant to only have 3:1 out at high water in the fast current and 20kts wind speed, my next plan is to make a kellet and if that fails, possibly buy more chain.

On a brighter note, we've been having some good walks ashore at low water despite the wind and a bit of rain, we found the Brancaster quicksand we were told about and have been spoiling ourselves occasionally at The Crab Hut where a large crab or crayfish baguette is only £4.

Not the best way to dry out.