Tollesbury & Titchmarsh

Had another trip to Tollesbury today, took my mum along this time as well so she could have a play about looking on the boats with us, theres nothing quite like an excited big kid in a boatyard.

We spent several hours looking around the boats at Tollesbury, all of them in need of quite a lot of work and two quite tempting. A Gib'sea 77 which had been left for some time due to her owner being unwell and a yellow hulled bilge keeler with a duck living in one of the cockpit lockers, I can't recall it's make/model at the minute but it was very cheap and needed a complete refit, inside and out. Would have been an interesting project but no good to live aboard without quite a lot of time and money being spent first.

After leaving Tollesbury we headed to Titchmarsh Marina to have a look at a Westerly Centaur, I'd been avoiding Westerlys until now because of looking on two several years ago which we're in a terrible state and had given me a bad impression. Thankfully I was convinced to have another look as the Centaur was the best boat we've seen since we started searching.

We looked on several more boats at Titchmarsh but ended up back on the Centaur as we had finally made our mind up about the best design for what we wanted to do, we put an offer in for the Centaur before we left and a request for an inventory of what it comes with along with more documentation as there was nothing at the brokers. If we get the information and it actually has more than three fenders included in the price then we may just have a new home. Fingers crossed they'll get back in touch soon.